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On the eve of his execution, Jose Rizal wrote his family: “I would like to see each one of you before dying, though it may cause much pain. Come the most valiant. I have some important things to say.” Serenely accepting his tragic fate, he composed his untitled valedictory poem, which ca,e tobe known as “Mi Ultimo Adios.” On 30th of December 1896, Rizal calmly faced the firing squad in Bagumbayan field.

Reconstruction in 1953 after its destruction in World War II, the Rizal Museum in Fort Santiago pays tribute to Jose Rizal through its themed settings and relics reflecting his life, achievements, and last hours before his execution.

At the entrance porch, a timeline features significant events in Rizal’s life, and his last days spent incarcerated at Real Fuerza de Santiago. Rizal’s cell, once a ‘cuarto de repuesto’ or storage room for military equipment, feature’s a life-sized wax effigy of Rizal sculpted by National Artist for Sculpture Guillermo Tolentino.

Viewers become witness to a re-enactment of Rizal’s trial through a dramatic light-and-sound presentation. The Main Gallery features the mural-sized oil painting depicting Rizal’s martyrdom by National Artist Carlos V. Francisco, and an enlarged photograph of his actual execution. Highlighted in the gallery is a piece of Rizal’s vertebra enshrined in a reliquary created by Sculptor Romualdo de Jesus.

The upper rooms comprise a comfortable Audio-Visual Room showing a short video biography of Rizal. An adjoining room features excerpts from Rizal’s writings and personal artifacts such as his clothing and sculptures – emphasizing his principles on the values of education, culture, national identity, social equality, and industriousness. The full text if ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’ is engraved on the sandstone wall.

The Museo bi Rizal, Fort Santiago encapsulates the great spirit of Jose Rizal within its maze of exhibited artifacts and galleries, inviting viewers to reverence and contemplation for Rizal’s acceptance of death with utmost dignity, calm, and nobleness.

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