First United Building

First United Building -formerly called Perez-Samanillo Building
The First United Building Community Museum is an ongoing project to honor the memory of its well-loved patriarch Sy Lian Teng. It is repository of artefacts, objectsm memories and dreams tp preserve and remember his life. From these narratives, escolta’s revitalization efforts and other significant information are also conveyed.

Permanent Collection

The FUBCM collection is comprised of memorabilia that were owned and used by Sy Lian Teng – Like photos, office equipment, documents and other personal items. It Also showcases Escolta’s environs through archival photos and articles culled from various Periods.

ExChange Space

The ExChange Space is a small nook where talks, discussions, presentations and screenings are held. It is programmed to help enriched the community of pressing issues, concerns and strategies.

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Creativity is part of Escolta. The WALL promotes this through its temporary exhibitions. This helps encourage imagination and resourcefulness amongst creatives who would like to be part of Escolta’s revival efforts.

FUBCM Digital Archive

This is Dedicated to Archiving the artefacts, objects, photos, documents, materials and files in relation to Sy Lian Teng, Escolta Street and other related matters. The accumulated material can be accessed by researchers, history buffs, heritage advocates, interested parties and future generations.

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