Wonderful Underwater Gems of Anilao Batangas: Reasons You Want To Dive Now

Anilao Batangas Underwater

Who likes to dive? Raise your hand!

I would love to raise my hand but I don’t even know how to swim. 🙁 Yeah, unlucky me.

Somewhere, someday I will learn how and I will add diving lessons to the mix. With the Philippine Islands being an archipelago, we have no shortage of beaches and swimming lessons is on my bucket list.

Anilao, Batangas Underwater Gems

While I’m still finding my inner mermaid, I have collected 15 wonderful underwater gems of Anilao, Batangas. Yeah, they are the reasons why I would like to learn to dive someday soon.

Meet these underwater creatures that will make you get a diving habit.

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You know what, collecting these images makes me thankful that I’m a Pinay and these treasures are just a bus/jeep/boat (take your pick) away!

The Philippines is wonderful, guys! Let’s enjoy nature and keep them pristine

I hope you enjoyed ‘diving’ with me. Stay tuned for my future posts.

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Credits to the owners of the pictures! XOXO

Spellbinding Secret Spots in Bauan Batangas You’d Like to Know

Bauan Batangas

Do you want to know a secret?

Bauan, Batangas is not a secret to Batangas locals, but with the internet going gaga over other more known Philippine Islands, some local and foreign tourists actually missed out on the secrets of Bauan.

Just a few hours drive from Manila, Bauan Batangas is actually a next-door beach getaway for tourist who wants spellbinding sights and have a good time.
Spots in Bauan Batangas You’d Like to Know

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Before sunset. |Holyweek 2015

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Take a look at the beautiful Insta posts below and once you see them, you can not unsee. It will make you want to book the next bus ride to Bauan pronto.

Credits to the owners of these beautiful pictures. XOXO